Current Work:

Finished Work:

  • Integration of all available audio recordings of Wenker sentences for former German-speaking areas both inside and outside of Germany
    • currently available: 3700 recordings of Wenker sentences
  • Digitization and integration of the recordings from the Linguistic Atlas of the Central Rhine
  • Integration of the (Sprechenden) Sprachatlas von Niederbayern
  • Integration of the (Sprechenden) Sprachatlas Bayerischer Wald und Böhmerwald
  • Digitization and storage of historical audio corpora from other institutions
    • Preußisches Wörterbuch (in full)
    • Niedersächsisches Wörterbuch (in full)
    • Wörterbuch der deutschen Winzersprache (in part)
    • Wörterbuch der kontinentalwestgermansichen Winzerterminologie (in part)