Do I need to register?

No. However, registered users have access to numerous additional functions that non-registered users to not have access to, e.g. access to additional atlases, and the ability to create your own maps. It is also only possible to download Wenker questionnaire forms if you are logged in.


How do I reach the SprachGIS team or the developers?

Preferably by e-mail at

Where can I get assistance in using the SprachGIS?

Tools are linked to instructional texts that can be accessed by clicking on the question mark symbol.

You will find various application descriptions under Anleitungen.

Explanations of several important terms can be found in the Glossary.

If you experience problems using any of our applications, then write us an e-mail.


What can I do with the REDE SprachGIS?

The SprachGIS serves two main purposes:
1. to search for various types of data (audio recordings, Wenker questionnaires, literature, and maps),
2. to create and edit your own maps.
You can find a detailed list of the uses of the SprachGIS here as well as in the Anleitungen Allgemeine Einführung und Anwendungen rund um den Wenker-Atlas.

How do I view maps?

You can select maps via the map search function and then load them into the map display. The Anleitungen Allgemeine Einführung and Anwendungen rund um den Wenker-Atlas can provide you with additional help.

How do I view Wenker questionnaires?

You can select Wenker questionnaires via the search tool and the Wenker questionnaire catalogue. They will then be displayed. The Anleitungen Allgemeine Einführung and Anwendungen rund um den Wenker-Atlas can provide you with additional help.

How do I download Wenker questionnaires?

To download Wenker questionnaires, you have to be logged in. With the search tool or the Wenker questionnaire catalogue, you can search, select and load Wenker questionnaires into the display mode. In display mode, there are various options available for downloading the image files.

Why can I not find any Wenker questionnaires for Polish, Czech or Russian locations?

You may have searched for the name of the location in the wrong language. Try using the former German name that was current at the time of Wenker’s survey or the current foreign-language name of the location.

How do I listen to audio recordings?

You can select and listen to audio recordings using the search tool and the audio catalogue. The Anleitungen Allgemeine Einführung and Anwendungen rund um den Wenker-Atlas can provide you with additional help.

How do I look for literature in GOBA?

You can search for literature via GOBA or by using the search tool. The Anleitungen Allgemeine Einführung and Anwendungen rund um den Wenker-Atlas can provide you with additional help.

Map Display

I do not see a map even though it is listed in the Ebenenmanager.

The order that maps are shown in is contingent upon the order in which they are loaded into the map display or created. The maps on top may completely cover the maps at the bottom. You can change the order of the maps in the Ebenenmanager by drag&drop.

The pop-up does not appear when I mouse-over in the layer of Wenker questionnaires or audio recordings.

Check your profile settings to be sure that the display setting for pop-ups has been activated.

How do I superimpose maps onto each other?

After you have loaded multiple maps into the map display, you can change the transparency of each of the active maps by adjusting the ruler on the home tab. You can start an automatic cross-fade by clicking on the closed arrow symbol in the Ebenenmanager. (Also take a look at the tutorial on the Ebenenmanager).

How do I make my own maps available to other users?

You can make your maps visible to all users that are logged into the system. You can also grant other users write permission and administrator rights. You have to change the security settings to do this. You can edit these when the map is loaded by selecting in the drop-down menu in the Ebenenmanager Bearbeiten > Sicherheit. A new page will then open where you can grant any user either read permission, write permission, or administrator rights for a particular map.

Editing Maps

I cannot select any map elements on a map even though the proper tool is activated.

Be sure that the appropriate layer is activated. Most of the tools operate on the current layer.

Creating Maps

I would like to see just a particular section of an image. How do I create a template?

You can change every surface into a Schablone. Draw a surface such as a rectangle using the drawing tools in a new level. This surface should cover the part of the picture that should be viewable later. Right click on the polygon and choose the function “In Schablone umwandeln” under “Geometrische Option” in the menu. The polygon will then be inverted, and the picture detail should be visible again. The surface around the Schablone will be covered by the inverted polygon. You can alter this Schablone using “Kartenelement bearbeiten” in the drawing tools and then design it according to your own needs.


I have found a mistake and would like to report it.

Every entry in catalogue search contains an icon called “Eintrag korrigieren”. You can suggest corrections that will be checked, and then, as the case may be, added to the system after a couple of days. Otherwise, you can write us an e-mail: