Georeferenzierte Online-Bibliographie Areallinguistik (GOBA)

The “Georeferenzierte Online-Bibliographie Areallinguistik (GOBA)” is an interactive online database containing regional linguistic research literature. As a part of the project “ (REDE),” GOBA aims to make the entirety of the German regional linguistic research literature searchable online. GOBA includes monographs, collected volumes, and papers as well as linguistic atlases, dialect dictionaries, and the dialect literature available in the library of the Research Center Deutscher Sprachatlas. The GOBA database is georeferenced that means that the entries have been linked with individual locations and areas on digital linguistic maps inasmuch as this is possible.

Over 23,200 titles are currently available and more will follow as GOBA is continually being expanded. At the heart of GOBA lies the “Bibliographie zur Grammatik der Deutschen Dialekte” (Wiesinger/Raffin 1982/1987), which has been complemented and expanded upon systematically and comprehensively. The database can be queried according to authors, titles, etc. as well as using a keyword search according to the “Marburger Systematik” that was especially developed for the needs of regional linguistic literature. Currently, approximately 16,000 titles have been tagged. The following table shows a sample of the key words and the number of tagged titles for each:



Number of Tagged Publications (Status: 2.11.2014)

Upper German 5364
West Central German 2807
East Central German 1119
Low German 3012
German in Contact 3164
German as a Minority Language 2244
Ortsgrammatik  743
Landschaftsgrammatik  1087
Ortswörterbuch    212
Landschaftswörterbuch    272
Linguistic Atlas 249
Phonetics 4996
Phonology   2217
Morphology   3187
Syntax    1323


By means of georeferencing, it is also possible to search for literature at a particular location or in an area via the SprachGIS. The literature has been almost completetly linked with individual locations and is currently in the process of being linked with particular areas.

In the REDE SprachGIS, you can access the GOBA database via the following three paths: 1. the GOBA-Catalogue on the homepage, 2. the literature search using the Research Tool (in the SprachGIS), 3. GOBA overview maps via the Map Search.

GOBA was only possible because numerous colleagues were very friendly in providing us their research results free of charge in the form of bibliographic data. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their cooperation.

We would like to ask all users of GOBA to call our attention to gaps and possible mistakes so that GOBA can continually develop and improve. (E-Mail: