Searching and Viewing Content

Viewing and superimposing linguistic maps from various atlases

Comparing linguistic maps with dialect classification maps and other interpretative maps

Viewing and downloading Wenker questionnaires

Listening to linguistic recordings from various corpora

Searching for areal linguistic literature references

Filtering content using complex search options (i.a. by means of a geospatial search or a search via the historical, phonological, and morphological registers)


Creating Maps and Visualizing Data

Designing base maps

Creating thematic maps

Importing data records (*.csv/*.kml-files)

Visualizing geospatial data records as

  • maps with pie charts
  • maps with bar graphs
  • point symbol maps
  • point text maps

Creating Voronoi diagram maps from survey nets (converting point maps into area maps)

Editing data recordings (e.g. grouping, annotating, and symbolizing linguistic features or variants)

Comparing data records or maps (e.g. by means of difference analyses or map comparisons)


Exporting and Publishing

Saving and publishing maps or data on the system

Exporting data records (e.g. survey nets, linguistic data records)

Exporting a map view as a high-definition image file