Potential Applications

The new collection of directly comparable regional-linguistic data and their integration into the information sytem offer numerous possibilities for applications, including

  • forensic speaker recognition: REDE is continuing the successful cooperation with the German Federal Criminal Office (Bundeskriminalamt) had in the cooperation project „Dialektal gefärbte Standardsprache“ (DIGS) that ran from 2004–2007, and the data have also been made available to the Abteilung für Sprechererkennung und Tonträgeranalyse
  • German as a Foreign Language: Learners of German can specifically find information about the linguistic variation in every-day communication in various regions of Germany
  • language technology: Automatic language recognition software still has problems processing divergences from the codified standard language. Insights into remanent features (i.e. regional-linguistic features present in the variety ‘intended standard language’) can contribute to optimizing language recognition software