The primary task of the project group Data Integration: Maps is to completely import the mapped linguistic data on the modern regional languages of German into a central database. The following subtasks serve to accomplish this agenda (Preparation of the Map Materials):

  1. digitization and geocoding of printed linguistic maps
  2. compilation and import of georeferenced maps into the REDE database
  3. integration and processing of digital data into the REDE database
  4. generation of maps using the REDE database
  5. recording metadata


The primary goal of the of the project group Datenintegration Karten is situated within the first sub-goal of REDE, and namely within the first task field. 

The comparison of completed atlases and atlases in progress shows that the data are typically not comparable without a considerable degree of effort. For this reason, the data need to be integrated into REDE in such a way as to allow users to access, aggregate, and use them for their own purposes. Furthermore, the graphical user interface allows users a platform to create their own maps (System Development).

To enable well founded, linguistic-dynamic analyses, the data that have been imported into the REDE database are to be crosslinked to REDE's recently collected survey data (Data Surveys and Analyses), audio recordings (Data Integration: Audio), and bibliographic data (Bibliography).