Our research group works on tasks assocaited with task fields VI and VII (analysis of the linguistic; lingusitics dynamics in time). This work looks to further processa nd explore the existing data collected during phase I, and then to generate new data and modals using it.



The analytical focus lies primarily in the area of language variation and change. This especially includes the analysis of spatio-temporal structures based on object-linguistic and metalinguistic data: the processing and analysis of the interview data collected during the REDE project, the development of methods for the spatial and temporal analysis of regional accents, and the exploration of analytical possibilities for the phonotactics-grammar interface, for example.

The methodological emphasis lies in the (geostatistical) operationalization of (un)structured data and data classes, in the development of quantitative methods for spatial analysis (e.g. similarity metrics, scaling techniques), in modelling diachronic variation, and more generally in corpus linguistics.