Search Options

Table filters

A rather simple search option is provided by both the global filter and column filters in the tables of sites and items (e.g., Affe - ‘ape-NOM.SG’). While the global filter (i.e. the search box above the table) is connected to all columns of the table, the column filters are restricted to the column below the filter. 

Check, for example “alem” in the table of sites. Here both the global filter and the column filter reveal the same result which is a selection of all Alemannic sites. Accordingly, you could check “15” in the global filter of Rosswein. “15” is the sonority index for sound sequences (1 = vowels, 5 = plosives) which are highlighted in the table. Using the global filter shows all instances of “15” (see, e.g., line number 15), while the column filter “Sonority” only indicates sound sequences.

It is also possible to copy characters from the table and to paste them into the filter.

You are free to download the data and to inspect it using your own means.