Sites of the PhonD2 Corpus

Map view

Clicking on the markers shows the site of documentation as well as the relevant dialect region together with the corresponding glottocode and the geo id (gid), which is necessary for data access from outside this page. From the popup window, further information on the individual lexemes is linked (dialect classification according to Wiesinger 1983; see References below).

Data table

The following data table contains the information from the map view in a different format and ready for download (in .csv and .xlsx format).


Wiesinger, Peter. 1983. Die Einteilung der deutschen Dialekte. In: Werner Besch et al. (eds), Dialektologie. Ein Handbuch zur deutschen und allgemeinen Dialektforschung. 2nd vol. Berlin, New York: De Gruyter, 807–900.


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